The Urban Tantra Experience:
Erotic Awakening Massage for Couples

February 16-17 2019 in New York City

The Urban Tantra Experience is a brand new series of workshops from Barbara Carrellas.

The Urban Tantra Experience

This intensive two-day workshop is designed for couples, partners, or pairs who wish to explore sensuality and sexuality in a guided, and held container.  This Urban Tantra Experience pays special attention to the needs of couples looking for more ecstatic connection, deeper erotic experiences, and soulful intimacy.

The Urban Tantra Experience will take you on a journey into your own unique sexual and spiritual fulfillment, while broadening your capacity to co-create sensual adventures.

The workshop is open to people of all experience levels, backgrounds, and spiritual paths.  The only requirement is a commitment to growth, awareness and the discovery of your unlimited potential as a sexual/spiritual being.

The Urban Tantra Experience: Erotic Awakening Massage for Couples

The Urban Tantra Experience is a popular workshop series from renowned author and teacher, Barbara Carrellas. Urban Tantra® is a radically updated Tantra practice for modern sexual and spiritual explorers—it can be used anywhere and by everyone. It is an approach to sacred sexuality that adapts and blends conscious sexuality practices from Tantra to BDSM into a hot and healing brand of sex for the 21st century sensualist.


You’ll learn:

  • the orgasmic and metaphysical possibilities of your breath;
  • the secrets of giving and receiving with presence and purpose;
  • the art of negotiating boundaries for heightened erotic adventures;
  • the foundations of conscious, gender-free touch for expanded pleasure;
  • a completely unique alternative to your everyday sexual repertoire.
  • how conscious breath and energy work can transform all types of touch into a deeply intimate ecstatic encounter;
  • how to open your heart to the infinite ways of sharing pleasure, intimacy, and connection with your partner.

This workshop is for couples, pairs and partners. People of all genders and sexual preferences are welcome and encouraged to attend. For alternatives relationship structures (poly pods, thruples, quads, etc) please schedule an Urban Tantra Welcome Call to discuss the possibilities.

Barbara Carrellas is the author of Urban Tantra: Sacred Sex for the Twenty-First Century, Ecstasy is Necessary: A Practical Guide to Sex, Relationships and Oh So Much More, and Luxurious Loving. Barbara brings a holistic, metaphysical, practical, humorous, entertaining and gender-fluid approach to conscious sexuality and to all her work. Her books and her workshops are an eclectic mix of sexual and spiritual practices designed to encourage readers and participants of all sexual preferences and genders to expand their capacity for both pleasure and spiritual fulfillment. She was named Best Tantric Sex Seminar Leader in New York City by Time Out/NY Magazine for her Urban Tantra® workshops.



16-17 February, 2019

Plan for two full days of Urban Tantra tools, techniques, and embodied experiences.


New York City, NY

We’ll be gathering in a beautiful 4th Floor Studio (walk-up) in downtown Manhattan. Exact location will be disclosed after registration.


The course cost is $750 per couple. The course includes 2 days of teaching and all necessary course materials. Please be aware that lunch is not included in the course price.

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Urban Tantra® Professional Training Program

The Urban Tantra® Professional Training Program is much more than a training program. It is a Urban-Tantra community, a philosophy, and an inclusive sacred sexuality practice that supports both personal and professional goals

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