Erotic Awakening Massage for Trans and Gender Non-Conforming People

Transcendent Bodies

My latest video offers teaching on how to touch trans and gender non-conforming bodies in ways that are affirming and consentful. This video is offered exclusively through The New School of Erotic Touch. Only $19.95 to stream or download. Watch the trailer now.

I am thrilled to partner with my dear friend—erotic pioneer Joseph Kramer—to bring you the best online erotic instruction available today. The New School of Erotic Touch and The Orgasmic Yoga Institute offer online tutorials by some of my favorite erotic educators, including Joseph, Chester Mainard and Annie Sprinkle, among many others.
These demonstrations of solo and partnered erotic practices will introduce you to new erotic possibilities as they stimulate your creativity and playfulness. There is no better place to educate your hands and your heart.

Click on each class below to enroll or to get more information. You can watch the class online or download-to-own in Quicktime, Windows Media or Flash.

Tuition is $19.95 for each class or $39 for 55+ classes!

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Urban Tantra® Professional Training Program

The Urban Tantra® Professional Training Program is much more than a training program. It is a Urban-Tantra community, a philosophy, and an inclusive sacred sexuality practice that supports both personal and professional goals

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