This new series of lectures and workshops has been specifically designed to address the needs and desires of students.

Workshops for Colleges and Universities

So much of what we have been taught about sex has been specifically designed to keep us from realizing the power each of us has in our own bodies. My workshops and lectures will teach you how to release your creative spirit as you nourish your precious erotic body.

What are your specific questions, your pressing issues? In addition to the lectures and workshops offered below, I have workshops available on specific subjects, such as sex and gender, safer sex, and how to create and maintain healthy relationships.

I can also create workshops available for specific campus events as well as for specific campus groups and communities, such as LBGTQ organizations.


Sacred Sex For The Twenty-First Century: How Sex Works and Why It Matters

We all think we know what sex is and how it works. But, most of what we have learned is only a fraction of what sex is and what it can be. In this participatory workshop we’ll deconstruct sex and relearn it from the ground up. In the process, you’ll learn the nature of consciousness, the erotic/spiritual connection and how to generate more sexual energy than you ever thought possible. You’ll even learn how your newly expanded erotic energy can fuel all your dreams and desires.

How to Have a Gender-Free Orgasm

Could it really be possible to have an orgasm with your clothes on and without touching yourself or being touched by anyone else? Can you really reach ecstasy simply by breathing? Can gender really be irrelevant when it comes to orgasm?

In this workshop we’ll explore the unlimited possibilities of orgasm, particularly the vast range of orgasms that lie beyond those achieved by genital stimulation. Although this is a participatory workshop, here will be no nudity and you will not be asked to work with a partner. You could even invite the Dean of Students.


Living a Sex Positive Life in A Sex Negative Culture

We are pleasure-seeking beings living in a sex-negative culture. No matter how sexually free we may think ourselves to be, we have all absorbed sex-negative beliefs and habits that keep us from realizing our true potential as lovers and as creative beings. In this entertaining, performative talk I will tell you about how I survived and triumphed in a culture that wanted me to be small, silent and scared of sex. You can do it, too!

This is an encouraging and empowering evening, suitable for all audiences. It’s edgy, but always inclusive and never offensive.

Ecstasy is Necessary: Sex Magic in Everyday Life

Ecstatic experiences expand our possibilities. They give us permission and encouragement to reach higher and receive more. They give us a taste of our own physical power and put us in touch with our spiritual strength and joy.

It takes some serious deconstruction of our puritanical culture to find ecstasy in our lives. However, beneath layers of erotic repression is a vast reservoir of magical sexual power. In this inspiring and practical talk I will give you tools and techniques you can use to create true ecstasy. You can transform your life and your world the way you have always imagined. Sex magic is real!

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Urban Tantra® Professional Training Program

The Urban Tantra® Professional Training Program is much more than a training program. It is a Urban-Tantra community, a philosophy, and an inclusive sacred sexuality practice that supports both personal and professional goals

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