• In Memory of Raelyn Gallina

    Last night I heard about the passing of our beloved Raelyn Gallina. Raelyn’s influence on me is so huge it’s hard to encapsulate in one post. Raelyn was (among other things) a jeweler, a piercer, a body modification artist of the hight order, a powerful priestess and a plant magician. She pierced me many times. […]

  • A Plea for Help for Kate Bornstein

    Hello friends and family,

    Kate Bornstein, my partner in life, love and art, need your help.

    As many of you know, Kate’s lung cancer is back. It reappeared in late December in a lymph node behind her collarbone. The good news is that it did not travel far from it’s original site. Recent scans show it’s not […]

  • Eulogy For My Dad

    Delivered at Jesus Saviour Church in Newport R.I. on the snowy morning of 10 December 2013…

    I lost two hugely important influences in my life within 24 hours this past week, Nelson Mandela and my Dad, Ernest J. Carrellas. As I was thinking about their lives I realized how many of—all of us perhaps—have our lives […]

  • Why The 2nd Amendment Is No Longer Necessary

    There have been 19 mass shootings (defined as killing more than 5 people in each) in the USA since 2009. In Australia? Zero. Why? The Australian government passed strict gun control laws following the Port Arthur massacre in 1996.

    In an interview on The Takeaway on NPR this morning Ruth Bader Ginsburg gave a history lesson […]

  • Conscious Sexuality and Gender

    Today we have a guest post by my friend and colleague, Artemisia de Vine, conscious sex worker, kink practitioner and author of the upcoming book, “Lessons from a Whore”. www.consciouseroticarts.com and www.consciouskink.com. Artemesia and other graduate members of the Urban Tantra® Professional Training Program frequently discuss the practical applications of seeing  gender beyond the binary of masculine/feminine. […]

  • An Introduction to Vibrators

    Today we have a guest editorial by Stephanie Cohen, a writer and sex toy enthusiast from South Carolina, who has kindly offered to answer some questions I have been receiving about vibrators. Thanks, Stephanie!

    Keeping yourself satisfied in bed is important, whether it be with yourself or your partner, but figuring out different ways to do so can […]

  • My Sexual Permission Slip

    Today I’ll be talking about Permission and Possibilities on The Ecstasy Hour on Hay House Radio at 5 pm Eastern/2 pm Pacific. Here’s a handy way to give yourself more sexual permission. Repeat each point until you feel you really believe you have that permission.

    My Sexual Permission Slip

    I give myself permission to talk about sex.
    I […]