• An Alternative to Columbus Day

    I am very troubled by this weekend’s Columbus Day holiday. I have been out of the country the past few Octobers, so I have been able to avoid the feelings of shame and embarrassment I feel about living in a country that continues to dedicate a holiday to a man responsible for the enslavement, brutalization […]

  • How to Take an Erotic Risk

    One of my favorite observations about great sex was made by sex therapist Jack Morin, who did extensive research on peak sexual experiences. Jack said that a peak sexual experience is the result of just the right combination of safety and risk. I couldn’t agree more.
    Think about a really hot sexual experience you have had. What made […]

  • How to Have an Ecstatic Solstice

    Stay in the present moment.
    Don’t try so hard. 
    Stay in the present moment. 
    Drop your expectations and your judgments. 
    Stay in the present moment. 
    Stay in the present moment. 
    Be conscious. 
    Stay in the present moment. 
    Practice doing all of this throughout your holidays…
    …in the present moment.

    Happy Solstice!
    With Love and Ecstasy from Barbara Carrellas and the international Urban Tantra Team:
    Hayley Caspers, Jazz […]

  • Announcing 2015 Dates for the Urban Tantra Professional Training Program

    I’m thrilled to announce the worldwide dates for 2015:
    Copenhagen, Denmark  5-10 May 2015 
    Melbourne, Australia  15-20 September 2015
    London, U.K.  20-25 October 2015

    Register now and you’ll receive the earliest of early-bird rates available.
    In addition to all you’ll learn in the training program, you’ll receive ongoing benefits as part of the Urban Tantra Community, including: 
    • A free listing in […]

  • In Memory of Raelyn Gallina

    Last night I heard about the passing of our beloved Raelyn Gallina. Raelyn’s influence on me is so huge it’s hard to encapsulate in one post. Raelyn was (among other things) a jeweler, a piercer, a body modification artist of the hight order, a powerful priestess and a plant magician. She pierced me many times. […]

  • A Plea for Help for Kate Bornstein

    Hello friends and family,

    Kate Bornstein, my partner in life, love and art, need your help.

    As many of you know, Kate’s lung cancer is back. It reappeared in late December in a lymph node behind her collarbone. The good news is that it did not travel far from it’s original site. Recent scans show it’s not […]

  • Eulogy For My Dad

    Delivered at Jesus Saviour Church in Newport R.I. on the snowy morning of 10 December 2013…

    I lost two hugely important influences in my life within 24 hours this past week, Nelson Mandela and my Dad, Ernest J. Carrellas. As I was thinking about their lives I realized how many of—all of us perhaps—have our lives […]