• Change Your Mood? Change Your Breath!

    Today, I want to share with you a 5-minute tool that has the power to totally transform your day. You can use it anytime, anywhere, and as much as you want. It’s my favorite way to recharge, gain perspective, and build erotic energy. It’s Breath!
    Breath is powerful. It can produce so much extraordinary pleasure it […]

  • 5 Reasons Why the Urban Tantra Professional Training Program is the Professional Retreat We All Need Right Now

    Let me guess…you’re a giver.
    You’re the practitioner who gives every single client 100%…
    You’re the therapist who schedules one more session so you can help one more person…
    You’re the involved parent, or the nurturing caregiver that keeps your family going strong…
    You’re the compassionate healer who holds space for everyone’s growth…
    You’re the driven entrepreneur who’s innovations shift […]

  • Love and Endarkenment: My Thoughts on Entering 2017

    2017 is happening… like it or not. For the first time I can remember I have received more New Year’s messages expressing helplessness and hopelessness than hopefulness and anticipation. Wow.
    Welcome to the land of Endarkenment. A couple of years ago I began exploring the nature of endarkenment. Embracing endarkenment means accepting that necessary transformation will […]

  • My Sexual Freedom Award Acceptance Speech

    On 14 November  I received a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Sexual Freedom Awards in London. Here’s my acceptance speech: https://youtu.be/9UNC-T-CAEM
    Congratulations to all the nominees and winners, especially family members Joseph Kramer, Rowan Bombadil, Jason Tantra, Deej Juventin, and Laura-Doe Harris.

  • Post-Election Coping Strategy #6

    Acknowledging Our Shadow

    Okay, now that we have had a weekend to rest and regroup, it’s time to get to work. Both spiritually and psychologically, individually and nationally, we need to do some shadow work around this nightmare. I had prepared a post on this topic, but then David Harrison sent me this by spiritual teacher […]

  • Post-Election Coping Strategy #5

    Really bad and unjust stuff has happened before. The Vietnam War. Assassinations of great people. Pearl Harbor. 9/11. Stock market crashes. Recessions. Segregation. Lynchings. Mass shootings. AIDS. Hurricanes. Floods. Fires. Earthquakes. And—Really Bad Presidents. You survived. Perhaps you can even say that out of some great tragedy came some gift or opportunity—either personally or socially. […]

  • For the Un-Mothered on Mothers Day

    American culture can turn a well-intentioned holiday into a painful knife twist to the soul for anyone who doesn’t fit within the idealized demographic of a perfect family. Nowhere is this more pervasive and obvious than in the ritual observances of Mother’s Day.
    Have you ever stood in front of a long rack of Mother’s Day […]