Transcendent Bodies

The Erotic Awakening Massage for Trans and Gender Non-Conforming Bodies

2019 Cinekink Film Festival

"Bring It" The Adult Industry Showcase Award
Audience Favorite

2020 SECS Fest

Golden Raincoat Award: Best Sex-Positive Film

Official Selection:
San Francisco PornFilmFestival 2021

About the Film:

Barbara Carrellas, the founder of Urban Tantra,  offers teaching on how to touch trans and gender non-conforming bodies in ways that are affirming and consentful.

Transcendent Bodies is a edu-documentary film that follows two transpeople—one gender queer person and one trans woman—through the rediscovery of their desires, arousal and orgasm during an Erotic Awakening massage. The primary intention of the film is to help transpeople and their partners negotiate the tricky terrain of changing bodies, emotions and identities that accompany life and sex outside the gender binary. Coincidentally, it presents a model of sexual and sensual relating that can apply to everyone.

Barbara supports Xena and Rowan as they explore their shifting and evolving sensations and feelings by following what their body desires in the moment, responding to feedback and remaining in constant communication.

Her use of confident, skilled touch paired with deep humility and awareness that she is not the expert on the body under her hands, allows her clients to expand their erotic self-knowing. She demonstrates the importance of asking what feels good. By experimenting with the Clench and Hold technique, her clients learn a delightful alternative orgasm.

Transcendent Bodies demonstrates the importance of consent, humility, and communication. These principles are especially important for creating a supportive atmosphere for trans and gender non-conforming folks. Neither of the erotic massage recipients in this video has had gender confirmation surgery. There are some different considerations when touching post-op clients, but the core teaching of asking “What feels good right now?” remains the same.

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