Resources compiled for the ASTRO Annual Meeting 2023

Sexual Health Considerations for Sexual and Gender Minority (SGM) and Non-SGM Patients with a Cancer Diagnosis: Reclaiming Sexual Intimacy Following a Cancer Diagnosis


What Cancer Patients Want Their Doctors to Know About Sex

A Resource List for Patients

Occupational Therapy
These Australian resources are offered as an example of how sexual rehab services might be provided in a manner that could be covered by insurance.

Thrive Rehab

     Our staff are recruited for their commitment to core values that celebrate people of all backgrounds, genders, sexualities, cultures, bodies and abilities. We are committed to working with and alongside all clients, respecting each person’s unique worldview and health needs. Our therapists view occupation (that is the everyday activities that people want, need and have to do) as a means of enabling improved health outcomes. This can create a pathway to do more than survive but thrive in their life story.
     Occupational Therapy Services include ​​LGBTQIA+ and gender affirming OT, Neurodivergent affirming OT, and Sex positive OT enabling sexuality and intimacy (individual therapy, education, consultancy for health services)

Occupational Therapists for Sexuality and Intimacy

     Resources and support for occupational therapists and allied health professionals in Australia and worldwide with an interest in sexual health, sexual wellbeing and intimacy.
Research Articles:

ConnectAble Therapies

     ConnectAble Therapies is a Melbourne-based occupational therapy (OT) consulting service, supporting people living with disability, chronic illness and cancer access greater quality of sexual life to live more fulfilling lives.

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