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If you’d like in-depth instruction on “Thinking Off,” Energygasms, or on any other aspect of my work, you’ll love my downloadable, on-demand workshop: Orgasms With Spirit.

Orgasms with Spirit

Orgasms With Spirit incorporates all the most popular segments of my internationally acclaimed in-person workshops.

The core of my work is the connection between sexuality and spirituality.

The cornerstone of this class is the connection between breath and erotic energy.

You’ll even get a chance to experience one of the most effective ways to connect spirit and sex—a breath and energy orgasm—literally, an Orgasm with Spirit.

In this 4-part workshop, you will:

  • Learn techniques that will add sensuality to your spirituality and sacredness to your sex life.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the importance of ecstatic experiences.
  • Practice simple, powerful techniques that will increase your desire, expand your orgasms, reignite your relationships, and bring sensuality and pleasure into every aspect of your life.


You‘ll get two fully guided meditations that you can use as often as you like until you can have Energygasms on a regular basis. In addition to the downloads, you’ll receive four pdf booklets which summarize and expand the information in each class.


Module #1: Orgasm: The Totality of Possibilities

We’ll begin by expanding your definition of orgasm. You’’ll explore the many different types of orgasms beyond those achieved solely by stimulation of the genitals. Next, I’ll introduce the energetic building blocks of sex: breath, imagination, movement, sound, touch, and more. You’ll have the opportunity to practice each skill in short guided meditations.

Module #2: How To Have a Breath and Energy Orgasm

In this class I’ll teach you how to put all the energetic building blocks of sex together to have a full-body orgasm energygasm. I’ll explain the technique, then give you the opportunity to get comfortable and breathe along during a guided how-to meditation. You can have an energygasm in the privacy of your own home during this class!

Module #3: Sacred Sex with a Partner

This week you’ll learn Tantric techniques for building and sharing sexual energy with a partner. Simple techniques such as breath, laughter, ritual, movement, and conscious touch can expand our concept of gender roles, help us transcend fears of intimacy, and enable us to build and share enormous amounts of sexual and spiritual energy and power. Whatever your gender, sexual preference, or sexual style, you’ll be able to adapt these techniques to create unlimited erotic possibilities.

Module #4: Sex Magic

In this class I introduce the concept and practice of sex magic, or erotic prayer. We practice sex magic when we consciously and ethically use our sexual energy to fuel our hopes, dreams and desires. Sex magic is the art of transforming real but invisible sexual energy into real and visible results. You can dedicate your sexual energy for the benefit of yourself, your community and your world. This workshop will end with another Energygasm: a breath-focused, sex magic meditation that will allow you to practice sex magic for a personal desire or cause.

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