The Pleasure Principle:

Meeting Your Inner Lover

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Meeting your Inner Lover

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The Pleasure Principle: Meeting Your Inner Lover

Learn the many ways you can eroticize all of life all the time, including your home, your wardrobe, your body, food, exercise and meditation.

Learn how to honor your erotic body by making Selfloving a true art with sex toys, erotica, vibrators and fantasies.

Discover new turn-ons and create your Ideal Lovemaking Space.

Best of all, you’ll get to take yourself on a extra special, extra juicy date!

Here are some excerpts from The Pleasure Principle: Meeting Your Inner Lover

“Our sexual energy is the source of our life force energy and a primary key to a happy life. What we’d like to do is awaken the inner sexual being that we often keep stuffed down in that one little lower part of our bodies and allow it to move freely throughout the entire mind, body and spirit. The part of ourselves that we call our sex center is our creative center, our life force center. There is no such thing as going to the store energy, doing our work energy, eating dinner energy, healing energy, and then–over there somewhere else– sexual energy. It’s all lifeforce energy. The goal is to use that sexual lifeforce energy all the time in ways that nurture us. Ideally, we are all capable of walking around feeling like we are making love all the time.”

“You are your ideal lover. We have spent so much time looking for our ideal lovers, wondering if we’ve found that person or if we ever will find that person. You can stop looking–you’ve found them! And the best part is, you will always be there for you , you’ll never leave you, you’ll always want sex when you do, and– your parents would probably even approve of your choice. So now that we know who our ideal lover is, you can stop looking for him or for her in the personals column, at your job, in the workshop or at the supermarket. And we can start treating ourselves like someone we were really in love with.”

“The first step in recovering your sexual, sensual self is to stop looking elsewhere for someone else to satisfy you, someone else to bring you the pleasures you aren’t giving yourself, someone else to make you happy. When we know how to give ourselves pleasure, and how to receive pleasure with love and joy, we are fulfilled. When we are filled full and overflowing with love , we are ready to share it with other people. Simply put, what we put out we get back.”

“Selfloving is the way we can really learn what turns us on sexually. We can explore types of sexuality we are curious about and may be too shy to try with a lover. Best of all, selfloving can provide us with a unique connection with our true selves.”

“It is not what we do and how much we give as lovers, it’s who we are and how much pleasure and intimacy we can allow.”

“Our sex-negative heritage has been based largely on denial of the body and fear of the body. In order to truly love ourselves we must learn to love all of ourselves, not just our spirit and our mind. When we are really able to treat ourselves as we would our ideal lover we will always be loved and pleasured and cared for. And, we will be ready to attract someone as wonderful and unique as we are to share that love. If we already have someone we love in our lives we will stop making unrealistic demands of them and begin to appreciate them for the unique and delightful individual they are.”

“We read and hear a lot these days about the wonderful things that can start to happen for us when we begin to love ourselves. This is what the Pleasure Principle is all about – love on the physical, as well as on the mental and spiritual level. You do not have to earn the right to have pleasure. Pleasure is available in each and every moment of your day.”


The Pleasure Principle:

Meeting Your Inner Lover


Instant Digital Download

Buy 'Meeting Your Inner Lover'

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