I Taught Caitlyn Jenner and Friends How to Have a Gender-Free Orgasm

I was invited by the cast and producers of Caitlyn Jenner’s GLAAD-Award-winning reality series I Am Cait to join them in New Orleans to teach them all how to have Gender-Free Orgasms—full-body ecstatic, orgasmic experiences that can be achieved with only breath and imagination. In the process of getting from taping to broadcast, I learned a valuable reality TV lesson: Never appear in the same episode as Kris Jenner (with 6.84 million Twitter followers at last count) if you want your segment to make it to final cut! Ha! Seriously, she deserved the air time. She and Caitlyn had a touching and important conversation that was definitely worth the airtime devoted to it.

But what about my segment? Well, Caitlyn and the producers liked it so much that they wanted to make sure that you could still see it. So they have featured it on the official I Am Cait site and here it is. (Sorry about the intro ad you may have to watch first. It’s from the E! Network.)

So now you can see all the fun we had having Gender-Free Orgasms.

There is a serious point to all of this. Our intention in exploring Gender-Free Orgasms so publicly was to show trans and non-binary gendered folks that orgasmic, ecstatic experiences need not be any more related to your genitals than your gender is. Cast member Chandi Moore—who works with at-risk queer and trans youth—and I hope to create a program using Tantra-based techniques like Gender-Free Orgasms to help young people make healthier choices about sex.

My sincere thanks to Caitlyn, Kate, Candis, Chandi, Jenny, Ella, and producers Andrea Metz and Melissa Bidwell for helping to get out the message that pleasure is an integral part of the trans experience.

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  1. What a wonderful experience to bring to not only those in the show, but anyone that has the opportunity to learn more about gender-free orgasms. I’m glad to hear Ms. Chandi is signing on to help others in her programs learn about healthier choices. Way to go Barbara!

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