The Pleasure Principle:

How To Become A Sexual Healer

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How to Become a Sexual Healer

The Pleasure Principle: How To Become A Sexual Healer

On this CD, the second in the Pleasure Principle series, Barbara Carrellas explores the new/ancient secrets of the healing power of sex.

Learn how your sexual energy can be the key to physical health, emotional well-being and spiritual transformation.

A guided erotic healing meditation is included.

Here are some excerpts from The Pleasure Principle: How To Become A Sexual Healer

“A big myth I’d like to dispel in this discussion of healing is that “You have to hurt to heal.” Most of us are familiar with this one in some form. Painful treatments — such as chemotherapy, radiation, and reliving painful childhood memories in therapy– are considered the only “proven” ways to treat serious disorders. The concept that in order to feel good you have to suffer is very old. Given most of our religious and social conditioning, it’s no surprise that we don’t associate healing with something as pleasurable as sex. But the truth is, pleasure, especially sexual pleasure, can heal.”

“Sex and orgasm are the single most effective natural means of tension release. So many illnesses and dis-eases today are caused by tension and stress. A simple example, headaches. Some of you may have noticed that a headache will go away if you masturbate and lie quietly for a few moments. Sure it does. You breathe more deeply, your blood vessels open up. Oxygenated blood goes to the brain. Endorphins are released. When you stand up the headache isn’t so bad or it’s gone. If you haven’t experienced this, try it. And absolutely the same thing is true for menstrual cramps. Just when you think that sex is the last thing you are interested in, get out the vibrator. It opens up the entire pelvic area. It works almost all of the time. And if it doesn’t eliminate all of the cramps it will reduce them amazingly. ”

“Sex can assist and support us in changing behavior, such as overcoming addictions. Instead of picking up the drink, or the cigarette or the piece of cake, try ten minutes of sex. It will help. What keeps us in our addictions is the pleasure or comfort we perceive we get from them. What could be more pleasurable than an orgasm? It is even possible to use sex to overcome so-called sexual addictions or sexually compulsive behavior. I call this homeopathic sexuality. Meaning, the right dose of what caused the problem can help cure the problem. The same can apply to sexual abuse issues.”

“The premise of what I call homeopathic sexuality is founded on the belief that our higher power can guide us to ways to work with our own sexual energy to heal past sexual traumas. ”

“Sex is one of the best ways to get in touch with your emotions. Emotions that you may be stuffing down will rise on the breath, especially when sexual energy is being raised. Have you ever had an orgasm where you wound up in tears, for instance? Or got really angry? Or started laughing uncontrollably? Many of us have felt these emotions rise during sex, but we push them down because we think they are inappropriate. Or we are afraid that our partner will be offended or frightened. This is one of those times when you may have to risk looking a little foolish or just plain out of control. All it takes is a little communication with your partner. Most people are honored to facilitate their lover’s orgasm, whatever it looks like. Some of the most pleasurable and healing orgasms I have ever had have been crygasms or screamgasms or gigglegasms.”

“I have used sex as an ally to help me cope with grief perhaps more than for any other healing purpose. Did you know that one of the most common reactions to the death of a loved one is to suddenly feel sexually aroused? It’s true. And it make sense. The body knows it needs a powerful release of tension and emotion so it wants sex. Death & grief also make us feel disconnected and lost. Sex makes us feel alive and brings us back home to our bodies.”


The Pleasure Principle:

How To Become A Sexual Healer


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