Tantra, Kink & Consciousness:

6 Techniques for More Ecstatic Connection

In this 75 minute class, Barbara Carrellas will show you how Tantra and BDSM—both energy-focused sexual paths—are more similar than you may think.

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    Sexuality Educator & Author

    In this class you will learn:

    • 6 Techniques to keep connections vibrant, ever-deepening, and loving (for ourselves and others).
    • How to combine the heart-filled, spiritually energizing techniques of Tantra and Tao with the intense stimulation and heightened awareness of BDSM.
    • Simple Tantric techniques to include in your BDSM scenes to intensify pleasure and expand consciousness.
    • How power exchange and intense sensation can safely and sensuously amp up the energy in a Tantric connection.

    This class is for you if:

    • There is a lack of excitement in your current sex life.
    • You know that sex and spirit are connected, but you aren’t sure how.
    • You want to add skills to your Tantra or BDSM practices.
    • You are looking for ways to increase your desire.
    • You’re ready to take your sexual life to the next level of consciousness.