Some erotic books and movies that aren’t totally cheesy

Someone sent in a great question for my free webinar, Urban Tantra: What’s In It For You on 22 July. It was: “Can you recommend some erotic books and movies that aren’t totally cheesy?”

Since this person gave me no idea of their erotic preferences, it was hard to answer. So I gave a shout out to my community—a wise, wacky, and erotically intelligent bunch they are—and asked for their favorites. What a list they created! Here’s what they suggested, with their comments. If you have any favorites we didn’t list here, feel free to add them in the comments.

Anything made by Tristan Taormino .

Every film made by Gala van Ting and Sensate Films.

• Kama Sutra: A Tale of Love, a film by Mira Nair. It isn’t erotic per se, but it is moving on many levels, that level among them.

I have NO idea if this film is still available, but Hamlet – For the Love of Ophelia is fantastic. They spent some actual money on it. The costumes and sets are great. The scene in which Hamlet walks around talking to himself, trying to get his mother’s advice about what to do with Ophelia as Gertrude has hot three-way sex on the bed behind him (he is oblivious) is hilarious. The orgy scene in the woods is just fun, fun, funBooks: my favorites..The Beauty Trilogy by Ann Rice. Plus she’s finally putting out the 4th book soon.

My all time favourite erotic book is Carol Queen’s The Leather Daddy and the Femme. Extraordinarily hot, and beautifully written. But it is niche.
Erotica: The Big Book of Orgasm by Rachel Kramer Bussel, or anything by Kristina Wright. Porn: Anything by Petra Joy, Shine Louise Houston, and I like of late. Of course there’s always my site, (shameless plug).
Ladies Home Erotica. Pleasures edited by Lonnie Barbach — and she has some others. Anais Nin (though slightly dark at times). I hear good things about the Collette books. Movies: Sirens, Secretary (also a little dark for some).
For BDSM erotica that’s written by one who lives within, try KL Joy’s Catalyst and Desire in the “Stories of…” series. Book three due soon!
Amilee & Dangerous Liasons!
Like Water for Chocolate. The book and the movie.
Pat/rick Califia’s books. Henry & June the movie. And there is some great porn on Crash Pad.
Porn: Four Chambers. Jennifer Lyon Bell. Inside Flesh (for heavy fetish). Zahra Stardust.
Also Erika Lusts’ porn is gorgeous. Also, if the person wants pornography, many Comstock films are good.
Erika Lust: Cabaret Desire
 Shine Louise Houston!
Any film made by Courtney Trouble or Heartless Productions, both very strong artistic bend and authentic performances.
Lie to Me as a film, Slow Hand as a beautiful book of erotica written by women.

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