Breath and Energy Orgasms

A Guided Meditation

Breath & Energy Orgasms

Breath and Energy Orgasms: A Guided Meditation

You asked for it, I made it! Countless Breath and Energy Orgasms workshop participants have asked me for a guided audio meditation so they could practice Breath and Energy Orgasms at home.

Here it is! A 30-minute guided mediation with a musical score.

What is a Breath and Energy Orgasm and Why Would I Want to Have One?

This technique can be a deeply healing and enlightening sexual meditation, producing waves of tingly sexual pleasure that surge through every part of the body. You may experience profound relaxation and powerful insights about your life or life in general. You may feel reborn. You will almost certainly discover a deeply meaningful thread running through breath, emotion, energy, and pleasure.

There are so many reasons to have Breath and Energy Orgasms. Breath and energy orgasms have given me hours of profound healing and insight as well as some of the most fun Ive ever had. They give me gigglegasms, angergasms, crygasms, and blissgasms. They clean out old emotional gunk and make me feel rested and new. They make me feel centered, expansive, and powerful. I have used them to stop smoking, to heal the pain of loss, to grieve the deaths of loved ones, and to visualize new career paths. I have taught them to friends with spinal cord injuries and women who have had clitorectomies to help them recover their orgasms. I have shared them as gender-free orgasms with my trans and gender-nonconforming friends to help them have orgasms without triggering gender dysphoria. I have breathed my way to orgasm as physical prayer and as a group alternative to a round of martinis at a boring cocktail party. I have done breath and energy orgasms alone, with partners, and in groups. The possibilities are endless.

Breath and energy orgasms are mind-blowing in every sense of the word. They shatter our preconceived notions of how sex, pleasure, and bodies work. As a society, weve barely begun to explore orgasm, much less to understand how spiritually profound orgasm can be, and how many magical ways we can use it for our healing and happiness, and the health and happiness of others.

There are many ways to have an energy orgasm. Some people can do it just by thinking sexy thoughts—literally “thinking off.” But the majority of folks who enjoy energy orgasms use some combination of breath, imagination, and movement to reach an ecstatic state. Over decades of practicing and teaching breath and energy orgasms, I have found and refined this simple technique. It’s easy to learn and delightfully orgasmic. Try it now!


Breath and Energy Orgasms

A Guided Meditation


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