• Happy Solstice

    The solstices are my favorite holidays, probably because they are celebrations of the sun—my favorite celestial body. I’m in New York right now and we are having the first really hot summer days of the many yet to come. The long days and the short nights energize my spirit and light a fire under my creative juices. This month I’ve been spending a lot of time in video conversations with my Australian friends, which means that I’m also acutely away of how dark and cold it is in the Southern Hemisphere.

    The contrast between the constant stream of hideous news about the actions of the openly hostile, cruel and reactionary American government, and the beauty of New York in June has me thinking about what we humans can learn from simply observing what happens on the Solstices.

    Solstices show us that our entire planet is based upon sharing resources—in this case, the sun—and trusting that we will always have enough sunlight, even if temporarily, someone else has more. We share the sun and it’s light and energy with everyone else on the planet. Some months, the north gets more and the south less. Then it’s the south’s turn for heat and light, while the north patiently awaits it next season of warm weather and sunshine. Sharing. Trusting. Knowing that when the sun goes to nourish my friends in the south, there will still be enough for me to thrive throughout the winter. Being assured by experience that in a few months the sun will come back warm and strong to delight me once again.

    This Solstice, I’d like us to remember that whether the sun is shining brightly in your life at the moment, or whether life has been pretty dark and cold lately, this too will pass. My invitation to you is to look at someplace in your life where you have an abundance of something—it could be money, food, friends, happiness, love, creativity, time, laughter, hope, health, passion, political power, activist skills or something else entirely—and share some of it with someone whose sun is shining less brightly right now. This does not have to be a huge effort. It can be just reaching out to one person. If we all do this, we can shift global consciousness out of fear, lack and retreat and into trust, abundance and love.

    Share the sunlight. Spread love not fear.

    Happy Solstice.