• Post-Election Coping Strategy #6

    Acknowledging Our Shadow

    Okay, now that we have had a weekend to rest and regroup, it’s time to get to work. Both spiritually and psychologically, individually and nationally, we need to do some shadow work around this nightmare. I had prepared a post on this topic, but then David Harrison sent me this by spiritual teacher and author Patricia Pearce. I think it’s a great way to kick off this topic.

    “So if this were my dream (and of course it is), rather than a villain, Donald Trump would be playing the role of a gifted spiritual teacher. I’ll explain what I mean by that. By depicting the ego in such an unbridled fashion, Donald Trump is giving me the tools I need to detect these same ego tendencies within myself, even when they show up in subtler forms.”

    Please read this: Donald Trump: Spiritual Teacher in Disguise (It’s really fascinating and clever!) Let me know what you think.

  • Post-Election Coping Strategy #5

    Really bad and unjust stuff has happened before. The Vietnam War. Assassinations of great people. Pearl Harbor. 9/11. Stock market crashes. Recessions. Segregation. Lynchings. Mass shootings. AIDS. Hurricanes. Floods. Fires. Earthquakes. And—Really Bad Presidents. You survived. Perhaps you can even say that out of some great tragedy came some gift or opportunity—either personally or socially. It’s Sunday (here in the U.S.) The perfect day to call a friend (I said call—not text tweet, email or Snapchat) and talk a bit about how you both got through some hideously awful time. What strength did you draw on? Where did you find support? Were there occasional “miracles” along the way? Several of them perhaps?

    You’ve done it before. You can do it again. The only thing you have to do today is remember how strong and resilient you really are.

  • Post Election Coping Strategies #1, #2 and #3

    I began posting ways I found to cope with the emotions of living in the United States this week on Facebook. (I live in New York, which isn’t really the U.S., but it’s close enough, especially this week.) Today is Day #3 Post-The-Unthinkable and I am going to post my strategies here in hopes they might help soothe or empower you.

    9 November 2016
    Coping Strategy #1
         It’s 11/9 (in American date format.) It feels like 9/11. People are walking around like zombies, unable to speak. The city is blanketed in fear, horror and sadness. Unlike 9/11, this agent of destruction will continue to wreck it’s damage upon us for 4 long horrible years. Tomorrow we can start figuring out how to survive and fight back. We can remember that we are all connected, all one. Today? We need to treat ourselves very gently as we nurse ourselves out of physical, emotional and spiritual shock.
         Conscious breathing can help you feel less fearful. Big, slow, deep, belly breaths. Breathe in gently through your nose. Let your belly get really big. Then exhale slowly, also through your nose. This will help soothe your nervous system. Breathe like this when you are alone. Breathe like this around others. Share the peace.

    10 November 2016
    Coping Strategy #2
    I’m feeling a bit less numb today. I can feel my chest. The shock must be lifting a bit. Today I intend to find my connection back to love. As I said yesterday, for me Love is an action verb, not an air freshener. I want to be able to feel it and put it into positive action, not just spray around a love facsimile to cover up the smell of the election. Today I am going to feel and share love for the people in my queer, sexy, sparkly, brave, resilient communities. When I feel sad or angry or hopeless today, dear Tribe, I will connect with You and feel the Love.

    11 November 2016
    Coping Strategy #3
    Get on Your Bird. (This one is borrowed wholly and completely from Colette Baron-Reid. Thanks, Colette.) Climb on an imaginary winged creature of your choice and soar above it all. Fly above the screaming and shouting, above the angry shaking fists, the trembling fear and the abject despair. Take a few breaths. Get comfortable. Look down. Notice that from here, the earth is still spinning. People are still going to work and kids are still going to school. The natural world is still beautiful. Notice that the incidences of hate and violence—while more than last week—are still fewer than the millions of random acts of kindness that people perform for each other every day. Say to yourself, “I am safe.” Because anytime you can say “I am safe,” you are. Rest here for a while. #JustForToday