• An Introduction to Vibrators

    Today we have a guest editorial by Stephanie Cohen, a writer and sex toy enthusiast from South Carolina, who has kindly offered to answer some questions I have been receiving about vibrators. Thanks, Stephanie!

    Keeping yourself satisfied in bed is important, whether it be with yourself or your partner, but figuring out different ways to do so can be difficult after awhile. Perhaps you feel like you’ve mastered all of the positions with your partner or have already gotten to know the touch of your hand? Maybe you’re just looking for a safe alternative for foreplay? Whatever the case, it just might be time to change things up.  The easiest way to do this is to introduce a sex toy into your love making, specifically a vibrator.

    However, simply saying you should use a vibrator isn’t as straight forward as it sounds—there are a lot of factors involved when choosing one.  Use this vibrator guide as your jumping off point and then continue to investigate and explore on your own.

    To begin, a vibrator is a sex toy which can be used to stimulate any erogenous zone or part of the body. Many are also designed for vaginal or anal penetration. Vibrators can be purchased at adult novelty stores and online websites. I personally recommend buying adult toys from Adam & Eve. You’ll find that they can range in price and can be purchased for as little as $10 and go as high as $200.

    Vibrators can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. One of the most common shapes for a vibrator is a penis shape. However, don’t fear if that’s not your thing. You can find ones that are small enough to go on your finger, ones that are egg or bullet shaped, and even ones that are disguised as lipstick or a rubber duck.

    When purchasing a vibrator, you’ll have to decide how you and your partner will want to use it. Do you want to use it for clitoral stimulation or for penetration as well? You can skip the phallic-shaped vibrators if you’re only looking for clitoral stimulation. If you’re looking for penetration, you can choose between a vibrator that has an additional clitoral stimulator or not. These will typically be shaped like a penis and have an additional attachment that protrudes out from the base. A full on vibrator with options like this, such as a Rabbit vibrator, will give you the most variety, but a small bullet or finger vibrator are also great, straight to the point and full of fun.

    You’ll need to pay attention to the material once you have decided on what kind of vibrator you want.  Sex toys are not regulated by the FDA, meaning that while there are plenty of safe toys out there, there are some unsafe ones as well; it’s important to know the difference.  Look at the packaging and make sure your toy is made with medical grade silicone or metal, hard plastic, elastomer or glass. These five materials are safe for your body, while materials such as PVC, jelly, and non medical grade silicone and metal are not. Want to know more? Go here.

    Finally, you’ll want to take the cleaning process into consideration. The cleaning process for silicone is different than the one required for metal sex toys. Check out this guide on how to clean sex toys based on material. Using the correct process can ensure that you and your partner are safe and that you get the maximum life from your toy.

    Once you’ve taken the time to look into these options, it’s time to make a decision that best fits your needs and desires. It may take a few trial and errors to find one that really works for you, but luckily the world of vibrators is vast and full of options. Remember to keep an open mind, relax and have fun.

    Thanks, Stephanie! I just couldn’t close without putting in a plug for my favorite vibrators—electric body massagers. These powerful massagers give orgasm after orgasm with a surprisingly smooth vibration. Check out this one.