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If you can’t see me in person this month, you can still take a workshop with me! My online course Orgasms With Spirit is available on demand! This downloadable series incorporates all the most popular segments of my internationally acclaimed in-person workshops.

In this 4-lesson course, you’ll find the connection between sexuality and spirituality by learning techniques that will add sensuality to your spirituality and sacredness to your sex life.

The cornerstone of this class is the connection between breath and erotic energy. Experience one of the most effective ways to connect spirit and sex—a breath an energy orgasm—literally, an orgasm with spirit.

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The New Revised Edition of Urban Tantra is available for online ordering—just in time for the holidays! 

3 December 2017

Urban Tantra: Sacred Sex for the Twenty-First Century
New York Open Center
New York City
10:00 am – 5:30pm
Registration open now!

Urban Tantra® is a radically updated Tantra practice for modern sexual and spiritual explorers—it can be used anywhere and by everyone.

Tantra is not only a sexual practice, it also is a sensuous way of life and a path to spiritual growth and fulfillment. On the Tantric path, pleasure, vision and ecstasy are celebrated and can be as available in everyday life as they are in peak sexual experiences.

In this workshop, you’ll learn Tantric techniques for intense full-bodied orgasms, breath-and-energy orgasms, amazingly deep, heart-centered connections (with a partner or with yourself), and the bliss that comes when your spiritual and sexual paths are one.

This workshop is for couples, singles, and other relationship configurations. All genders and sexual preferences are welcome. There will be no nudity and no explicit sexual touch. There will be partnered practices in the afternoon. Singles will be paired, with consent. To be assured of working with a partner of your choice, come with a friend.

7 December 2017

Why are People Into That? Live Podcast Recording with Tina Horn

New York City, NY

7 pm – 10 pm

PleasureChest Upper East Side

From sexpert Tina Horn, the Pleasure Chest, and Acast comes a new live event to satisfy all your sexual curiosities!

This month, I’ll be joining host Tina Horn as she welcomes a panel of kink connoisseurs, relationship experts, and sex geeks to explore a universe of fetishes, desires, and why people are into what they’re into in this live version of her popular podcast Why Are People Into That?! (YAPIT).

Educational, funny, and more than a little bit raunchy, this perfect date night includes bottomless refreshments and discounts on your sex toy shopping.

$7 in advance / $10 at the door

17 – 23 September 2018

The First Tantra4GayMen Festival USA
Saratoga, CA

I am honored to be a team member and to be facilitating two workshops for the first Tantra4GayMen Festival USA on the West Coast.

In the U.K., where this festival has become a yearly sold-out lovefest. This unique festival is five days of  love, celebration, joy, friendship, and deep spiritual connection in a community of men who love men—gay, bi, or however you choose to identify.

It’s a journey that can open your heart profoundly… Join us.

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Urban Tantra® Professional Training Program

The Urban Tantra® Professional Training Program is much more than a training program. It is a Urban-Tantra community, a philosophy, and an inclusive sacred sexuality practice that supports both personal and professional goals

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