Sex/Life Coaching


Many people have asked for private sessions. In deciding the best way to offer these sessions, I have factored in requests and requirements with regard to geography, time, and the nature of what most people were looking for in a private session. Thus was born: Sex/Life Coaching.

What is Sex/Life Coaching with Barbara Carrellas?

Sex/Life Coaching will help you experience greater sexual fulfillment, pleasure and joy. Sex/Life Coaching is not therapy. Coaching is focused on moving you toward future goals and outcomes. The coaching model is client-directed. You decide what issue you want to work on and what result you'd like to achieve. Coaching is a process in which we work together to reveal your essential greatness. Whatever your sexual issue, concern, perceived limitation, expectation or goal, Sex/Life Coaching can help bring you into alignment with your deepest desires.

All Sex/Life Coaching sessions are by telephone or Skype.

Why Sex/Life Coaching?

Sex/Life Coaching acknowledges, appreciates and utilizes the inseparable connection between your sex life and the rest of your life. When you expand your capacity for sensual and sexual pleasure, you expand your capacity for abundance, love and joy in all areas of your life.

Sex/Life Coaching is highly personalized for each client. All of my skills and knowledge are at your disposal, including intuitive readings, sex information and education, emotional and mental rebalancing, resources and referrals. The essence of my work is the happy integration of body, mind, and spirit.

Sex/Life Coaching is perfect if you've been wanting to take a workshop with me but have not been able to schedule one. It is also perfect if you are feeling a little shy or apprehensive about attending a group workshop.

What's the time commitment?

Sex/Life Coaching is most likely a short term commitment. Some issues may be resolved in a as little as one session. More complex issues will take more time. The typical commitment is between 4 and 8 sessions, either weekly or b-weekly.

How do we start?

Due to the nature of this work and my workshop teaching schedule, I only coach a handful of clients at a time. Reserve your place in my practice today. Send an email to, requesting coaching. I will email you back with more information about sessions, including fees.

I am looking forward to working with you to help you achieve your deepest desires and your highest erotic and personal goals.

Love and blessings,