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Barbara Carrellas/Urban Tantra Newsletter
May 2015

At last! Spring seems to have finally broken free from the ice and the cold here in New York. The warm weekend just past finally convinced me that daffodils and the blooming trees and emerging seedlings will triumph over the freezing gloom of a most extended winter. This winter was difficult. I do not find cold and snow sexy, so I’ve had a hard time feeling my usual level of erotic optimism. But all that is changing now that spring is here. This morning I am feeling energized and creative. I have new workshops for you this season. I also want to recommend a wonderful film you can watch free online, and tell you about an upcoming training program with my good friend, Joseph Kramer.

Early bird price for Urban Tantra® Experience Ends 1 May!
This first one is time-sensitive. I want to remind those of you in the U.K. that the Early Bird Price for the The Urban Tantra® Experience in London ends on 1 May—that’s this week! I am thrilled to be bringing my newest weekend workshop to London  on 12 - 14 June. I created this program for those of you who asked me for something more than a one-day intro course, but not quite as intensive as my Urban Tantra Professional Training Program. Here it is! A weekend of  breath, connection, energygasms, and all sorts of new erotic possibilities—all topped off with a helping of good kinky fun. Click here to find out more. All genders and sexual preferences are welcome.

"Inside Her Sex" free screening on the CBC web site.
This weekend I saw the most wonderful documentary on the Canadian Broadcasting Channel’s free online preview site. Inside Her Sex is an inspiring and moving documentary about three three very different, very brave womenCandice, Elle, and Samantha—who have faced their sexual selves head on, and chosen to step outside the bounds of what society has dictated they should be to find their own way forward. It’s one of the best stories about recovery from shame I‘ve ever seen. (And BTW, I think many of you will appreciate that one of the women is transgender.) This free preview won’t last long, so please check it out soon.

Sexological Bodywork Training in the U.K. starts in early May!
I know that many of you are passionate about sex education. If you are, and if you live in the U.K. or Europe, you’ll want to sign up for Sexological Bodywork with my good friends and colleagues Joseph Kramer, Deej Juventin and Uma Furman. As many past participants have said, “Anyone doing hands-on work with clients in the realm of tantra, sacred/conscious sexuality needs this training.” Here are the dates:

Module I: Online Group Study: May 3–July 13, 2015.
Module II: Embodiment Residential Intensive in Devon: July 14-24, 2015.
Module III: Supervised Teaching: 25 individual sessions and classes, July 24--October 31, 2015.
Read some testimonials from their grads:

Would you prefer Berlin or Prague? Sex Bod starts in both locations later this summer.