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Help yourself to any or all of the following free pdf downloads!

How to Have a Breath and Energy Orgasm
The title says it all. Follow these instructions and you, too, can have the kind of orgasm I demonstrated on The Learning Channel.

How To Do The Clench and Hold
The Clench and Hold is a breath and energy orgasm technique which can be used by itself, or in combination with other energy orgasm techniques. It can also be incorporated into any kind of erotic or sexual activity.

My Sexual Permission Slip
Here’s a handy way to give yourself more sexual permission. Repeat each point until you feel you really believe you have permission to be the sexual being you want to be.

A Safer Sex Elevator Speech
This is a short fill-in-the-blank statement that will help you communicate your sexual health status, safer sex practices, and turn-ons to a new partner.

The Erotic Playsheet
The Erotic Playsheet is a gentle and fun guide that you— or your partner— can use before sex to get a better idea of how you're feeling and what you might want. It is tool for locating your feelings and desires so that you can better honor them.

How To Throw A Great Ritual/Sex Party
Would you like to throw an erotic event, or add sex or sensuality to your next party or ritual?  These guidelines will help you create a conscious event at which everyone can get their needs met and their desires fulfilled.

Non-Monogamy, Open Relationship and Polyamory Resources
This is a list of books and internet resources for  people who wish to explore polyamorous and/or open relationships.