“Barbara Carrellas is my favorite sex educator on the planet. She’s classy, sassy and wise with vast sexual experience. Urban Tantra gives me hope that the world will become a more sexually satisfied, ecstatic, enlightened and inclusive place.”.—Annie Sprinkle, PhD, performance artist and author of Annie Sprinkle’s Spectacular Sex

“Barbara Carrellas, whose Urban Tantric sex workshops combine Eastern sex techniques with the postmodern methods of SM practitioners, is a trailblazer.”—Tristan Taormino, The Village Voice

“If you ever thought Tantra wasn’t for you—too foreign or gimmicky or New Age-y, or not edgy enough for your radical sex explorations—Barbara Carrellas will cure you of all misconceptions and bring you an Urban Tantra to unite your sex, your spirit, your erotic wanderlust, your edge.”
—Carol Queen, director of the Center for Sex & Culture, San Francisco

“Everyone needs to rejoice in their own sexuality, and Barbara shows us how.” —Louise Hay, author of You Can Heal Your Life

“Barbara made me feel safe, held and seen. This has been the best workshop on sacred sexuality I have ever been to.—Alex I.

“Thank you, Barbara for helping me to discover my natural sensuality.  The bliss, the enveloping and deep senses of connection are beyond words. And, I absolutely love your book! “—Mark

“Your workshop was both practical and theoretical, engaging and compelling, fascinating and non-judgmental, with information presented for where we were in our current journey. You are so down-to-earth, funny, sexy, and warm. Thank you!”—Cate M.

“What a delightful and educational workshop—thank you for creating a wonderful, safe, exciting space for us to explore!”—Linda

“It was fantastic: way above and beyond my expectations! Barbara’s an amazing teacher. I went in nervous and she put me at ease immediately. She managed to walk the very fine line between pragmatic and woo-woo, spiritual and light-hearted for the duration of the workshop. I’m pretty suspect of anything that involves sacred this or chakra that, but she was so down to earth and approachable about the whole thing that I was able to push my reservations to the side and really get a lot out of it. I left feeling more connected to myself and my partner, and excited to try new things. I’d definitely go to her workshops in the future, and have already recommended this one to friends.”  -Anna, Participant at Urban Tantra® workshop at the New York Open Center

“Thank you for your presence at Dark Odyssey: Winter Fire. I took three of your workshops and found myself truly blessed with an openness and release that was profound. Thank you.”—Ken S.

“The best things about the workshop were 1) how clearly you communicated what Tantra is all about, 2) learning to consciously exchange energy, and 3) learning how Tantra and BDSM can interact. I love you Barbara—you are fantastic!”—Alice K.

“This workshop way exceeded my expectations. I had some real breakthroughs today. Barbara’s teaching style is warm and relaxed, and she gave me permission to find out what worked for me.”—Emily M.

“Rarely can you meet a gifted facilitator, a coach to coaches who can work with a global audience and make everyone in the room feel unique and special. I meet that person this week. Barbara came into our space and worked with her intuitive, receptive energy and gave my team of facilitators very practical yet deep set of skills, the awareness of how and when to use them and the confidence to tackle issues with grace and insight. What a gift. ”  —Brad Waldron, Founding Director, Oxygen Learning, London, U.K.

“Barbara Carrellas is a mind-bogglingly brilliant woman.”  —Paul C.